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Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is a method of online advertisement used to attract the potential visitors directly on the websites. However, to run an effective PPC campaign a dedicated and expert team is required to get the maximum results by attracting lucrative customers. In online marketing its one of the most effective tool to attract visitors but the cost of PPC is totally depends on the competitiveness on the keywords. Actually, it works like a pre-paid based service in which advertiser have to pay the charges in advance and after starting the campaigning the amount deducted every time a new visitor click on the keyword link advertised by the advertiser.

Advantages of PPC Campaign

For several companies running PPC camping is better than using other advertising tools, it has many advantages making is one of the most popular online marketing tool across the world and check the few on them which can also encourage you to use this service once in a while:

Direct Visibility on Search Engines: PPC provides he best opportunity to list the pages on the first page of the search engine. PPC campaigner regularly track the competition of a particular keyword and modify the ad rates timely to maintain its visibility on the relevant pages.

Keyword Analysis: Under PPC management the full keyword analysis is done by the experts, because using relevant keywords while ruiing the campiaging is waste on money, so it also helps to find out thew most suitable keywords to get the real value of money spend on such activities.

Real Value of Money: While PPC ad campaigning dedicated monitor and keep modifying the essential updates required to make it effective. Keeping eye and finding the best position of your keyword on the top pages earn the real value of money.

PPC Retargeting

What we do?
Retargeting tracks where visitors go on your site, and monitors they buy something or just leave. For attracting visitors we can do just that by placing your banners on the next site, or sites, they visit later. We can even take it a step further by personalizing your banners based on search behavior.

Online marketing strategies have long focused on driving visitors to your site, which of-course is crucial, but now the focus is shifting towards getting them to come back, after they have left. If you are finally getting the traffic you have worked so hard to attract, but your visitors are not converting as hoped, then it's time to start retargeting them.

PPC Package for Google Ad words Steps covered:
  • Campaign Objective and Business model Understanding
  • Keyword Research
  • Optimum Bid Rate Analysis
  • Visitor Conversion Analysis
  • Custom Ad creation
  • Campaign Setup
Step Covered in Monthly Campaign Management with the optional as a Add-on Service:
  • Campaign ROI analysis
  • Campaign tracking and tweaking
  • Weekly reporting